This is Genolab

Genolab is a web service to calculate simple and complex kinship examinations with the help of pedigrees which you can define freely. You will have the opportunity to analyze all possible hypotheses to solve your kinship projects really fast and easy – without the need to install a software on your PC.

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Kinship analyzer

Genolab calculates duo, trio and complex kinship examinations really fast.

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Batch analyzer

Conduct hundreds of parentage tests and sibling analysis at once.

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Forensic Analyzer

Genolab offers various functionalities and tools for DNA mixture interpretation.

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Why choose Genolab

Genolab is a new web based service that is dedicated to kinship analysis and DNA evidence interpretation. It was especially developed to face future challenges of data amount and analysis time in forensic data analysis and biostatistics by cloud technologies and specialized algorithms.

No software needed

Genolab is not a conventional desktop software, it‘s a browser application. It operates independently of your operating system.

Start immediately

The registration needs less than 1 minute. Start immediately with your first calculation.

No hardware needed

No matter how good or bad your hardware is, Genolab runs with the power of the cloud.

Less functions – more benefits

The strength of Genolab is its speed of calculations. This is all you’ll ever need.

No office needed

Use Genolab wherever you want. Use it with your tablet or PC – in your office or on the way.

Pay per use

With Genolab you have an option to pay per calculation. Genolab credits will only be used once a calculation starts.

This is what Genolab can do for you

Calculate a paternity test in seconds – without a software

Pricing for Genolab

In Genolab we offer two pricing models: pre-paid and subscription.

With pre-paid you have no binding contract and full flexibility. With a subscription you get a huge pricing advantage und full functionality.

Pre-paid via credits

  • 1 calculation costs 10 credits
  • Only for kinship analyzer
  • No expiration date for credits
  • From 10 to max 200 credits


  • 1 year runtime
  • 1 user
  • Only for kinship analyzer
  • Unlimited calculations while runtime


Kinship + BatchSubscription
  • 1 year runtime
  • 1 user
  • Use kinship and batch analyzer
  • Unlimited calculations while runtime